Register Your Alarm

The Bellevue Police have contracted with Public Safety Corporation to manage false alarms in Bellevue. All home and business alarms in Bellevue that summon police, including unmonitored ones, must be registered with Public Safety Corporation. You can contact PSC at 855-694-8280 or

In 2014 the City Council passed the False Alarm Ordinance to reduce false alarms at residential and commercial properties. The ordinance requires alarm registration and includes a civil penalty process for false alarm activations. PSC administers registration, billing, notifications and fine collection.

The law does not apply to motor vehicle or boat alarms, fire alarms, alarms designed solely to alert the occupants of a building/residence that do not emit a signal either audible or visible from outside the building/residence, or alarms designed to elicit a medical response.

Register Your Alarm


False Alarm Reduction Program

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