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The Police Department makes records available upon request through the Police Records Unit or the Police Public Records Officer. Requests may be made in person, by phone, mail or online. To request a police incident/case report, certified case report for citizenship or other records, please submit a police records request. The fee schedule indicates the cost of obtaining copies of police records. The Police Department is able to accept the following forms of payment: Cash in the exact amount owed (please refer to our fee schedule), check, Visa, MasterCard and money order.

In accordance with RCW 42.56.520, the department has five business days to respond to a records request and will:

1) Provide the record; or 2) Ask for clarification; or 3) Acknowledge receipt of the request and estimate the time required to complete it; or 4) Deny the request and provide the specific reason (RCW) it is being withheld; or 5) Provide an Internet address and link to the specific records requested.

  • Police incident/case reports:

    A report of a property, vehicle or other criminal incident. Click the link above to initiate this process.
  • Copy of a Collision Report:

    Traffic accident reports are available by clicking "make a records request online" above or in person at the Bellevue Police Department. 
  • Criminal History Records: 

    For a statewide criminal history check, please contact the State Patrol’s WATCH program. Any challenges to the accuracy or completeness of criminal history information contained in Bellevue Police records must be made in writing, clearly identifying any inaccurate or incomplete information.  A records supervisor will contact you to make an appointment to review the record in question.

Please note:

If you wish to request public records from other city departments (other than police), see the separate request page.

The North East King County Regional Public Safety Communication Agency, NORCOM dispatches for the Bellevue police and fire departments and is responsible for the release of 911 calls/tapes.

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